Aubrey Zosim, also known by the alias Audrey, is a cobbin alchemist, and a member of The Six.

Appearance Edit

Aubrey is a cobbin, a bipedal creature that looks half lizard, half dog. She is about three to four feet tall and somewhat blue. She’s usually seen wearing charred leather lab gear, along with her rounded glasses, which are held together by twine in the middle. Slight of build, her bookish nature doesn’t lend itself to an intimidating look, despite all of her clothes having some kind of alchemical burn somewhere on them.

Personality Edit

For a daring scoundrel, Aubrey is very reluctant to permanently harm others and avoids doing so whenever possible. She is also bad at coming up with fake names. She enjoys spending her time experimenting with strange essences and creating new alchemical concoctions.

In addition to apples from Nacre (her favorite fruit), Aubrey has also had oranges, peaches, tomatoes and grapes[1]. She has also tasted pear, but hates it and claims to be allergic, though her dad makes her have them when she visits home[2].

Vice and trauma Edit

Aubrey relieves stress by exploring the unknown; experimenting with strange essences, consorting with rogue spirits and observing bizarre rituals or taboos.

After entering the crystal projection of the mansion in the Memoriam College vault and being confronted with the Heat and the Dark, Aubrey becomes haunted, and is often lost in reverie, reliving past horrors, or seeing things.

Aubrey is further traumatized by her encounter with the mages of the Disciples of Samot, who subdue and capture her. She becomes reckless, with little regard for her own safety or best interests, as she more desperately tries to ensure things go right amidst the High Sun Day chaos.

Beliefs Edit

  • Never permanently harm someone.
  • Knowledge should be used to help others and society.
  • Emberboro deserves to be a proper parish.

Instincts Edit

  • Always know which Hitch is which.
  • Always collect samples of strange, weird or magical things.
  • Always know where the exits are.

History Edit

Pre-Game Edit

Aubrey comes from a family of alchemists living in Emberboro and works as an apothecary. She is known at being the best in Emberboro at skipping rocks on the lavawater and learned how to play poker from her grandfather[3].

With help from her friend Gentle Johnny the weaver, she smuggles medicine into Emberboro from all over the city. She is not afraid to steal alchemical supplies from others, such as Elias, an upper-class apothecary who counts her as an enemy.

The Hitchcocks ran into Aubrey during an earlier job back when she was running medical supplies and she helped them out; they now feel protective toward her. Prior to The Crosstown Job, she was the only other member of The Six who knew that they were a pair of twins. Furthermore, she has studied their behavior closely enough to detect the slight differences in their appearance, the way they walk, and the way they carry themselves, and can always tell Ethan and Edmund apart.

Abilities Edit

Aubrey 1

Art by Anna Landin

  • Alchemist: Aubrey can tinker with chemical and arcane substances to design or produce poisons, drugs, and other strange mixtures. She is adept at resisting alchemical effects.
    • Sleeping gas: A small flask which, when broken on the floor, releases a blue smoke that quickly knocks out everyone who breathes it in (including Aubrey herself). The effects wear off in about ten minutes.
    • Choke dust: A convoluted means of incapacitating others, Aubrey's choking dust actually consists of two separate substances which must both be used on her target: a poison which induces choking and coughing, and a partial antidote which mitigates the effect. However, the poison itself is not lethal.
    • Smoke bombs: A small device which releases a cloud of acrid smoke that makes it difficult to breathe and stings the eyes.
    • Fire oil: A volatile liquid which, when exposed to the air, quickly quickly and violently. Can be used to destroy locks and open doors.
    • Dream essence: A distillation of a vivid lucid dream, perfectly recreated for the user.
  • Saboteur: When Aubrey wrecks something, the work is quieter than it should be and hidden from casual inspection.
  • Venomous: With further research and experimentation, Aubrey not only develops an immunity to choke dust, but gains the ability to secrete it when pushing herself, allowing her to spit it out as a noxious mist, "Tajiri-ing"[note 1] an adversary.
  • Physicker: Aubrey can apply her tinkering skills to bones, blood and bodily humours to treat wounds or stabilize the dying, and may study maladies or corpses.

Notes Edit

  1. A reference to Yoshihiro Tajiri, a professional wrestler known for spitting green mist into opponents' eyes.

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