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"Fantasmo catches up with an old friend, Throndir considers the past, and Hadrian decides to carry yet another burden for the party. Samot meets the God of Wolves."

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A Doomed God in the Past of the Ruins Edit

At the episode's outset, the players create a myth about Samot told to the party by Uklan Tel by playing The Sundered Land. Austin plays as Samot on a journey, and the others assume the role of the world, out to see him to his doom. They act by answering his questions.

Samot has the summoning name of a ghost burned into his memory and a vast and deadly patience. He is on his second week of traveling through the Lushwood, in the shadow of the Hewed Peak at the center of the continent, supposedly the home of the great dragon Hieron. As he travels through the wood, feeling watched, he eventually sees that he is being followed by a large wolf. He continues, trying to increase the distance between them, but does not succeed. Samot climbs into a tree, looks for it, and sees it has moved to a different spot quicker than could be possible. He travels north through the trees, reaches on a plateau, and, using his vast and deadly patience, makes eye contact with the wolf, which looks into his essence and sees nothing. Samot moves away, maintaining eye contact, and backs into a cave. The wolf bares its teeth. He moves toward the wolf and whispers the name of the ghost, its mother, the God of Wolves, which he killed a week ago, and lets her leave his presence. The wolf bites his hand. He lifts the wolf, throws it against the wall, and kicks it once. It does not submit. He climbs on its back, grabs its throat, and tells it, "Stop." The wolf fights free, and Samot rips the robe from his chest and throws it in the wolf's face, allowing him to escape from the wolf and its mother, the God of Wolves.

Uklan says that that is one of his favorite stories of Samot, and worth drinking to.

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