Emmanuel Aracia La Salle is a pastry chef from Nacre.

History Edit

As the cook aboard the Kingdom Come, Emmanuel found himself embroiled in the battle between the Boat Party and Captain Brandish's crew. Hopelessly unprepared for battle, he nevertheless formed a bond with Lem King, who later sought him out in Nacre.

During the sacking of the city by the Ordennan Impetus, Emmanuel was trapped inside his bakery by debris. This may have been a blessing in disguise, as he was hidden from an army that likely would have killed him. He later escaped from the city with other refugees and arrived in Rosemerrow, where he began pretending to be a Velasian in order to find work at The Likely Striker in Roseheart. During the investigation of Gilbert Lutz's murder, he reunited with Lem and was briefly deputized by Throndir.

Though Lem asked him to come to the New Archives with the Mountain Party, Emmanuel decided to stay in Rosemerrow and help other refugees from Velas and Nacre as they arrive.

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