Eventide Island, also known as the Isle of Eventide, is an island located in the Isles of Dusk off the northernmost peninsula of Ordenna, explored by the original party of Autumn in Hieron. It is home to the Tower of Severea, one of the colossal pre-Erasure towers found throughout Hieron.

The area is warm, even tropical in climate, but although there are picturesque beaches to its south, the island is grey and ashy, surrounded by underwater crags and rocks. Its beach grades up to the cliff plateau of the tower.

There is a small, cozy house on the slope, mostly enclosed by rock.

The tower itself is built of engraved sandstone, windowed, and at least twelve stories high, the size of an outpost rather than a lighthouse. Like the other towers, it was built using the University's living artifacts; in this case, a seafaring, city-building empire from the southern coast of the continent.

There is a boxy building connected to the bottom level, with all its arched entrances covered by stone sheets. The battalion of pala-din is contained within.

Inhabitants Edit


Human-faced cormorants (Art by @tremblehorse)