Samot, formerly known as Samote, is a deity of Hieron. His symbol is an open book behind a goblet. He is also associated with wolves.

Appearance Edit

Samot's outfit during Winter in Hieron is gold and silver armor with a pure white cloak that appears to be silk or linen, but feels like a wolf's fur to the touch (prior to giving the cloak to Hadrian). His peers consider him to be very handsome. His blue or violet eyes usually have a noticeable sparkle in them. His deceptively lean frame hides his very well defined musculature. Samot's hair is blonde in color, and his hairstyle has changed four times throughout the story. Austin has likened his appearance to Reinhard von Lohengramm from the anime Legend of Galactic Heroes.

Influence Edit

Samot's influence has been felt frequently in Friends at the Table, starting from Lem and Hadrian's vision in the tower of Eventide. On some instances when Hadrian has sought guidance from Samothes, he has been answered by Samot instead, and Hadrian now even wears Samot's cloak.

Oteday is named after him, from the archaic form of his name.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Samot was once a Word eater and one of numerous shadows sent to Hieron by Nothing, notable for casting "violence longer than any other". As a shadow he trapped and killed Severea and stole her name, but was so enchanted by its beauty that he did not return it immediately to Nothing, and instead began to travel Hieron. In retaliation, The Heat and the Dark sent a shadow of Severea in the form of a wolf to kill him, and Samot released Severea's name during the resulting confrontation. These events are described by Uklan Tel in Do I Feel Followed?. Samol then rewarded Samot by granting him a body, and later godhood. Samot's repentance for his actions as a shadow led Samol to affectionately give him the title "The Boy Who Apologized".

Pre-Marielda Edit

Samot later became interested in teaching mortals, but refrained from doing so out of respect for Samothes, who maintained strict control over learning and knowledge. However, as the two developed a romantic relationship, Samothes agreed to both teach Samot and help him found a school, meant to be "the one place where folks could learn under the blessing of the gods". Samot would later go against Samothes' wishes to bring learning to mortals beyond the walls of the first university.

Samol gave Samot and Samothes a mansion between their respective homes in "the rolling plains of celebration" and the City of Light. The two gods lived in that mansion with their son Maelgwyn prior to the events of Marielda (season). Aubrey has a vision during The Valentine Affair Pt. 4 revealing that Samot and Samothes separated after an argument about how they should deal with the impending arrival of The Heat and the Dark.

During ''Marielda'', Christopher reveals himself to have personally taught Samot, and claims to have known Samot "before he did anything". Castille also has memories of Samot asking for advice before the war with Samothes.

Marielda Edit

Some time after their separation, Samot and Samothes go to war with each other. The conflict eventually leads Samothes to separate the City of Light from mainland Hieron to protect it, resulting in the creation of the city of Marielda. Within Marielda, Samot is known as the The Boy-Traitor and an enemy of Samothes.

At the end of The Quiet Year, Samot's army invades Marielda but is successfully driven off by Samothes' forces. Samot continues to research possible solutions to The Heat and the Dark, eventually leading to the mages devising a plan to have Maelgwyn kill Samothes, possibly resulting in the birth of a new divine force or the discovery of a possible solution within Samothes' tomb. Samot is reluctant but allows the plan to proceed, believing he can use the power of Reconfiguration to reverse the timeline if it goes badly. He also recruits Aubrey Zosim to help, appearing to her in a dream after she has the vision of Samot and Samothes.

In The Killing of the King-God Samothes By The Traitor Prince Maelgwyn Pt. 3, Aubrey speaks with Samot while she is knocked unconscious. Samot reveals that he believes the mages may be working against him, and that he is working on a backup plan to stop the Heat and the Dark. This plan is later revealed to be the Stars.

After Samothes' death, Samot's army successfully invades Marielda. Samot becomes the new king and one year later renames it The City Of First Light, as a dedication to Samothes. Aubrey becomes his right hand, taking the role that Primo had for Samothes.

Autumn in Hieron Edit

Samot makes his first appearance in a shared vision experienced by Lem and Hadrian when they don the mask and the crown respectively in the Tower of Eventide. They see him standing above a crowd of people chanting his name, and he asks "is it time already?" before the vision ends. Hadrian begins to see Samot in his dreams after the encounter.

The three soldiers that the party fights in the Tower of Eventide were also sent by Samot.

Ice Party encounters Samot again in the Tower of Samot in A Choice About What You Believe. There, Fantasmo uses a backfired Charm spell on Samot, resulting in both Samot and Fantasmo both believing that they are long-time friends.

After Hadrian dies at Tabard's hands, it is revealed that Samot received Tristero's powers of death after Tristero isolated himself to Nacre. Samot swaps Tabard and Hadrian's fates to save Hadrian's life, ending Tabard's life instead. Samot then gives Hadrian his wolf-fur cloak.

Winter in Hieron Edit

After the events of Ice Party, Samot begins to respond to some of Hadrian's Guidance rolls with signs such as the howling of wolves or a chill that causes Hadrian to draw the wolf-fur cloak closer around himself.

After Fero's failed transformation roll that causes all the wolves in Hieron to disappear, Samot becomes The Last Wolf Alive. One of Hadrian's guidance rolls after this event in the Moth Village causes a wolf to appear to him, which is implied to be Samot in the form of a wolf.

Samot is briefly mentioned in narration at the end of Undelivered Resignations, looking over his map of Hieron and lamenting that he doesn't have enough time (presumably, before the Heat and the Dark arrive). In Winter in Hieron 24: An Open Mind, he responds to one of Hadrian's guidance rolls by sending him a ladder to climb, although Hadrian ultimately chooses not to take it.

In Twenty-Two Brown Birds, Lem once again dons Samot's mask, and he sees Samot in his study, drinking wine. Samot asks him about Hadrian and Fantasmo before spilling his wine and ending the vision before Lem can respond.

Relationships Edit

Samothes Edit

Samot was married to Samothes, and they were in a loving relationship for a long time. Together they created the first library and the First University. Ideological differences over the Heat and the Dark and Samol's illness eventually tore them apart and after separating, they went to war with each other. Samot was ultimately partially responsible for Samothes' death.

Maelgwyn Edit

Maelgwyn is Samot and Samothes' son, born from their lack of confidence about their ability to handle the Heat and the Dark. During the Quiet Year, Maelgwyn appears as a high-ranking soldier in Samothes' army, fighting against mages sent by Samot. Later, compelled by his desire to stop the Heat and the Dark, Maelgwyn takes Samot's side in the conflict and works with him and the mages to kill Samothes. During Winter in Hieron, the Samothes who was Maelgwyn regards Samot with disgust, spitting on the ground at the mention of Samot's name and telling Hadrian that Samot stopped visting him long ago.

Samol Edit

Samol gave Samot his body when he was once just a shadow, and later granted him the power of a god. Samol considers Samot a son to him, and refers to him by a number of affectionate titles such as "my little prince". Post-Marielda, their relationship seems strained, as Samol disapproves of many of Samot's actions, and briefly mentions it may have been a mistake to have raised Samot out of shadow in the first place.

Severea and Galenica Edit

Samot slew Severea once when he was still a shadow, and although he eventually allowed her to return to life, she never quite forgave him.

Leading the Grand Tour, Severea and Galenica now work with Samot to keep the Heat and the Dark at bay while Samot continues to research a permanent solution.

Aubrey Zosim Edit

Samot befriends Aubrey during the events of Marielda. Although he asks her to go against her pacifistic ideals and commit violence in order to save Hieron, he treats her with affection and eventually gives her an important job and resources once he becomes king.

Hadrian Edit

After Hadrian puts on the iron crown in the Tower of Eventide and sees Samot in a vision, Samot takes an interest in him and begins to appear in his dreams. Samot eventually saves his life when he is killed by Tabard Alon, gives Hadrian his wolf-fur cloak and begins to respond to Hadrian's guidance calls. Samot seems to have some important plan for Hadrian, although it may be stymied by Hadrian's continued loyalty to Samothes.

Fantasmo and Arrell Edit

Fantasmo uses a Charm spell on Samot during their encounter in the Tower of Samot, causing both of them to regard the other as long-time friends. This spell winds up also having an effect on Arrell, who previously had a mild interest in Samot but afterwards develops a much stronger interest and begins to write about him in his journals as if they were old friends. Arrell expresses a desire to prove to Samot that his approach to the Heat and the Dark is wrong.

Quotes Edit

  • "A star is shining not because it's being showered in light, but because he who emits light is a star."