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Samothes, formerly known as Samotes, is a god in Hieron associated with invention and knowledge. He is said to have created the sun and his crown from a mountain of fire and separated Marielda from the mainland during his war against Samot.

Appearance Edit

Samothes is a brown-skinned man with slightly graying curly hair and a well-cropped beard. Austin has likened his appearance to the Indian-American actor Sendhil Ramamurthy.

When seen during The Crosstown Job, he wore an open robe, loose pants, and a simple golden crown.

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Samothes was born into Hieron by Samol when he saw the creatures that Severea brought into the world "dumb and unable to care for themselves"[2]. As such, he is a somewhat patriarchal caretaker, who builds things for his subjects and decides what is best for them from on high, but does not teach them to do things for themselves.

Though he was once in a devoted relationship with Samot, with whom he raised a son, Maelgwyn, the pair painfully split over personal differences and conflicting opinions on how to deal with the Heat and the Dark, resulting in an ongoing war across Hieron between the two gods.

Through the influence of the Disciples of Samot, who manipulated him by posing as the parent they ostensibly represented, Maelgwyn was convinced to kill Samothes to induce an impulse within himself that would create a new divine power to fight the Heat and the Dark. Maelgwyn did so, stabbing the King-God with the Blade in the Dark on High Sun Day. Stricken with the feeling of loss and the desire to have his father back, Maelgwyn was transformed into an ashen-haired approximation of Samothes and trapped beneath Marielda by the magic of his father's tomb.

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Samothes is the god most frequently involved of the lives of the Friends at the Table player characters in Hieron, presiding over the city of Marielda and the Creed of Samothes, and granting supernatural abilities to Hadrian and Ephrim.

Tesday is named after him, based on the archaic form of his name.

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Samothes was named by Art[3] after a legendary figure of the same name, purportedly the grandson of the biblical Noah, who was credited in forged archaeological findings with first settling Britain after the great flood.

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After it was revealed in "The Killing of the King-God Samothes By The Traitor Prince Maelgwyn Pt. 4" that Maelgwyn had been transformed into a new incarnation of Samothes after killing his father, it became necessary for fans to distinguish the two. The version of the character who existed during Marielda has been referred to as "original", "og", "original flavor"[4] and "original recipe"[5] Samothes. In contrast, his son is often referred to as "Cool Ranch"[6], in an homage to the "alternate" flavor of Doritos corn chips, as well as more straightforward portmanteau nicknames such as "Maelothes" or "Samaelthes". This metaphor can then be reflected back onto original Samothes with the nickname "Nacho" or "Nacho Cheese", the presumed 'default' Doritos flavor[note 1].

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  1. Much to Art's chagrin, this metaphor is based on the presumed existence of an "original flavor" of Doritos. In fact, Doritos were originally unflavored corn chips, and the first flavored Doritos were taco-flavored, not the more commonly seen nacho cheese flavor of the present day.

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