Severea, also known to the Church of Samothes as Samonta, is a deity of Hieron.

Domain Edit

Severea is said to have created most of the creatures who inhabit Hieron, and as such is associated with all living things, but especially wolves. When you make a movement in her presence, you feel that she has willed it so. She blows the wind in our sails. She is associated with communication, ships, trade, roads, and doors, though there is some debate about doors made of various materials.[1]

Appearance Edit

Severea has appeared as bald, with fin-like ears, and wears a dress of many shades of blue. Both she and the dress move as if underwater. She is often represented on mastheads.

In religious art by the bird people of the northern islands, she is depicted in a more bird-like form.

When the Grand Tour moved west and she met Fero, she had longer hair.

Influence Edit

  • Ontday is named after her.
  • The center of government in Velas's Garden District, Severea Hall, is named for her.
  • The tower on Eventide Island has been referred to as the Tower of Severea.

References Edit