Tristero was a god and poet who once governed the act of dying in Hieron before giving up his power to preserve his beloved city of Nacre.

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Tristero held sway over life and death throughout Hieron before he retired to Nacre, sealing it away from the world through the abdication of his godhood and preserving it from the changes caused by the Erasure. He was murdered by his son Angelo Tristé.

When Hella nearly died in Nacre, she encountered Tristero, who allowed her to live on the condition that she kill Angelo to free Tristero from his role as Nacre's god of death.

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Tristero's name was chosen by Austin as an "unintentional/unconscious"[1] allusion to Thomas Pynchon's novella The Crying of Lot 49. In Pynchon's story, the Tristero (also spelled Trystero) is an underground postal service that the protagonist becomes obsessed with investigating the existence of.

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